Artsvit Gallery
Founded in Dnipro in 2013, Artsvit Gallery is an art institution offering a cultural platform for interdisciplinary projects, discussions and representation of contemporary Ukrainian art.

Working with prominent artists, curators and art historians, the Gallery supports trending art movements by organizing exhibition projects, residencies and hands-on training, lectures, educational programs for children and adults. Artsvit Gallery prioritizes the search for and promotion of young authors and helps Ukrainian artists participate in international projects.

Artsvit is also committed to popularizing Ukrainian art, in particular by issuing a book series "Art Geography", artist albums and catalogues. The Gallery's hallmark is a collection of Ukrainian paintings, graphic arts and sculptures of the Soviet and modern periods.

Using artwork from its collection to create new projects, Artsvit aims to nourish a dialogue between the past and the present, tradition and experiments, while making art accessible for all generations.