For Small-Scale and One-Off Projects

We consider proposals every quarter when scheduling events for the next three months
Point of contact, full name
Organization you represent
Phone number
Area (you can choose several):
Project format (you can choose several):
Premises to accommodate the project (you can choose several from the list):
Project title
Project description. What is going to take place? How many events? What is the purpose? What are the performance indicators? Whom does the project target?
Event start date
Event end date
Commencement time
Closing time
What goal are you pursuing? What are your values?
Duration of the partnership
Additional materials to illustrate your proposal
Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture values viable professional projects.

We promote interdisciplinarity, innovativeness, reasoning, coherence, transparency, inclusivity, sustainability. We avoid collaborations with political, religious and radical initiatives.

If your proposal has not been accepted, this means it does not meet the desired criteria, or the DCCC's event calendar is full at the time.