For Strategic Partners
Proposals are considered continuously, there are no deadlines
Organization you represent
Point of contact, full name
Phone number
Links to the organization's website and/or social network profiles
What is your partner proposal about? What kind or joint product or program do you propose to create?
What is your aim? What are your values?
What is of interest and beneficial for the DCCC in your opinion? Which DCCC values does your proposal meet?
Which resources could you offer as a partner?
What the DCCC's partnership contribution would be?
Duration of the partnership
Additional materials to illustrate your proposal
Start date
End date
Commencement time
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Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture values viable professional projects.

We promote interdisciplinarity, innovativeness, reasoning, coherence, transparency, inclusivity, sustainability. We avoid collaborations with political, religious and radical initiatives.

If your proposal has not been accepted, this means it does not meet the desired criteria, or the DCCC's event calendar is full at the time.