Kultura medialna
Kultura Medialna, the DCCC initiator, is a public organization focusing on contemporary art, media art, and the development of public space and local communities. International and inter-regional collaborations are one of the vectors of the organization's activities.

The team of Kultura Medialna includes professional culture managers, curators, artists and activists collaborating since 2013. By the time they started common projects, team members had had long-term personal experience in organizing festivals, concerts, exhibitions and educational programs in Ukraine and beyond.

Over the last 6 years of its fast-paced work Kultura Medialna has created and managed various projects in art and culture, community growth, urban research and civic society support through culture. Some of the organization's projects include Construction, an audiovisual art festival, Сцена: Stage, an experimental cultural space, coordinating the public initiative Dnipro Monumentalism and Youth-Active-City, an educational program.