Cinematic Performance "Sketches of the Soviet City" Supported by the Music of DZ'OB
As part of the Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture inauguration, we are presenting a cinematic performance which includes a viewing of the avant-garde film "Sketches of the Soviet City" and a performance by the electro-acoustic band DZ'OB.

"Sketches of the Soviet City", a 1929 movie made by one of the pioneers of Ukrainian documentaries, director Dmytro Dalsky, is a vivid example of early Ukrainian cinematic urbanism boasting unique shots of urban space. The film was kindly provided by the Dovzhenko Centre.

DZ'OB is a cross genre project combining academic musical traditions with new sound technologies. DZ'OB performs at locations which at a first glance have nothing in common, like philharmonics and Closer Club in Kyiv. The band thus blurs boundaries between tradition and avant-garde.

The cinematic performance will be broadcast online on our web-page on October 24 at 8 pm. Don't miss out!

The event is organized with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.