Construction Festival VII
Construction is a festival of new media, experimental music and contemporary audiovisual art in Dnipro celebrating its seventh edition. Throughout its existence the Festival had over 150 participants from Ukraine, the EU countries, Japan and the USA who presented their performances, installations, arts and music projects, sharing their experiences and practices.

Construction VII is created in a collaboration with international partners: Austrian Cultural Forum, Pro Helvetia, Danish Arts Foundation, British Council, Czech Centre in Kyiv, Consulate General of Germany in Dnipro, SHAPE, a European platform for innovative music and audiovisual art, Depart.One, Cryptic and others. We have invited artists and musicians from Germany, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Romania and Ukraine to participate in the Construction.

Construction is a festival that captures and describes valuable spots on Dnipro's map, reinventing the local context and conferring it new spins. The Festival was conceived 6 years ago as a means of reviving the cultural space of the city which is exclusively associated with the industries and rocket production. Bringing together the topics of urban planning and socio-cultural growth, Construction seeks to revitalize the dialogue about creative needs of people who live in post-industrial and post-Soviet cities. Construction started as an audiovisual festival, later complemented with the urbanistic and educational vectors. The program included film viewings, lectures, workshops, discussions and presentations on architecture, contemporary art and music. This year we go back to our roots, i.e. we shift the focus to experimental music and new media.

Starting 2014, our team has concentrated on contemporary art as a medium for community development. Construction tells a story of a dream and of a new reality which we annually create in the city's cultural space for one week. The Festival repeatedly demonstrated ways of using various city buildings differently. Over the last years Construction engaged over 50 locations: Pivdennyi Railway Station, Planetarium, Aquarium, Botanical Gardens, House of Organ and Chamber Music, Dnipro Philharmonic, Ilyich Palace, Volodarsky Factory, Museum "Literaturne Prydniprovya", Palace of Students, DNU Research Library, and many more. More than 20 foreign artists discover Dnipro and the east of Ukraine each year.

The 2021 Festival will be held on June 17-20 in various locations of the city. Landmark locations and public space of Dnipro will accommodate events during the Festival week. For instance, musicians will perform in the Ambient Garden format on the grounds of the Botanical Gardens, and one of the city's deserted locations will accommodate a large-scale rave.

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