Tbilisi Architecture Biennale pavilion in Dnipro
Welcome to Tbilisi Architecture Biennale pavilion at Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture.

Titled What Do We Have in Common, the second edition of Tbilisi Architecture Biennale (TAB) researches the idea of commonness in the increasingly individualized and fragmented post-Soviet societies. After the Soviet Union collapse our countries went through a painful process of transformation from centrally planned economy to market economy, and those economic changes impacted cultural norms of the cities and their structures.

Formerly "collective", the society became much personalized, and urban spaces designed were converted to transit routes with pragmatic functionalities.

TAB participants worked with several spatial layers: investigating the interior and the exterior, the real and the imaginary, they conceptualized the meaning of transformational processes and their influences on the common space.

Tbilisi Architecture Biennial / თბილისის არქიტექტურის ბიენალე
is realized in Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv and Dnipro with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and Creative Europe

Pavilion partner: Dnipro Center for Contemporary Culture

Visiting the exhibition during quarantine

We kindly ask all TAB pavilion visitors to wear face masks throughout the visit. We care about your health and the safety of our guests.

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